Contemporary Sculpture

I am a big fan of colorful, abstract sculpture and some of the best is being created by Mexican and South American artists.  Here are two examples of public metal sculpture by Columbian Artists Lina and Gus Ocamposilva.    To see more of their work go to

Sunset_by_Columbian Artists Lina&Gus Ocamposilva copy

Ocamposilva Columbia Public Art 1-_32_ copy

“Floralis Generica” in Buenos Aires by Argentina artist T. Ozonas  is shown below:

Photo Credit: Masterfile

Mexican artist Sebastian (Enrique Carbajal Gonzalez) is represented with these two interesting sculptures:

Torre del Cabellito Mexico Sebastian RickGerharter LonelyPlanet Getty 148671427 copy
“La Torre del Caballito” Credit: Rick Gerharter Lonely Planet/Getty Images
“La Puerta de Chihuahua” Photo Credit: Corbis

And just one more example from Chile of a metal sculpture celebrating the annual music festival held at Frutillar on the shores of Lago Llanquihue:

AWL Images/Masterfile

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